Umbrella Policies

How Umbrella Policies Protect You?

An umbrella insurance policy is liability protection for you and your loved ones officially listed in your household from lawsuits exceeding your homeowners or auto liability levels. 

Umbrella policies address the absolute most important coverage in a personal insurance policy–your liability. No one can predict when or if they will ever be sued. For a very reasonable premium, you can easily have 1 million dollars or more of liability protection for just-in-case catastrophic moments that happen in the blink of an eye. I carry this policy for me and my family and you should too.

Most people are not aware that it does not matter how much money you have saved or in assets. In most states, up to 25% of your monthly income can be garnished for years if you are found liable in any accident at a public event, school event, sporting event, social event among many others.

Some examples of what an umbrella policy protects you from:

  • A quick email you send out at work is misunderstood and quickly misrepresents a colleague’s reputation and they feel it has damaged their reputation. They file a lawsuit. 
  • An incident at school where you are generously volunteering your time to help your child’s classroom and a child is seriously injured in your presence. The parents seek to sue the school and you.  
  • You cause a serious auto accident where people are seriously injured and you are being accused of looking down at your phone or having the music too loud in your car. You are being sued by those you injured.
  • Incidents where someone accuses you of committing defamation of character at the office or out in social settings.
  • A child legally listed as a resident in your home accidentally drops a match or creates a fire at a friend’s house and burns down the friend’s entire property costing hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage or more.

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