About Us

Benner Insurance Solutions is an independent brokerage firm that gives you the option to find the insurance policy that best fits you. Our goal is to provide you with the insurance coverage that best fits your needs so that no loss causes a needless financial burden on you.

Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves financial security, especially in the face of the unexpected. When we work with you, our clients’ hard-earned assets will be strategically protected, leaving no gaps, so that no sudden loss in life will ever financially burden you.

Our Mission

Benner Insurance Solutions was established to properly protect everyday, hard-working Americans with their insurance needs. We provide auto, homeowner, life, and commercial insurance, among many other protections for every family and individual.  We distinguish ourselves from other insurance agencies by strategically and carefully reviewing with each customer their full risk exposure to ensure they are properly protected, leaving no gaps. We are not status quo quoters – we are trusted risk advisors. Furthermore, we consistently and proactively check in with our customers by building lifelong relationships throughout the years to make sure they feel properly protected as natural life changes occur. We make our commitment to truly protecting our customers self-evident through our one-of-a-kind genuine service and heartfelt integrity.

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