A Problem Worth Solving

The number one problem Americans face with insurance today is not having the proper coverage--being underinsured. Many providers are so focused on savings they fail to acknowledge the right reasons for being covered by insurance. We take savings very seriously. But being properly protected is the first priority.  

Reason: When someone has a loss/claim, the one and only question they care about is: "Am I covered?"

Our Solution

Benner Insurance Solutions conducts a fastidious review of each client's insurance protection, which ensures fortified protection while also finding the best company and price for their needs. Being independent, we're not working for a company, we work for you. Furthermore, we’ve taken the time to closely review the coverages of all the major insurance companies so each customer is clear on exactly what kind of coverage they are receiving.

Our clients can feel at peace that they have been presented with all of their options so that they are not deprived of the protection they deserve. When you work with us, our goal is for you to feel respected and confident knowing that you are supported by professionals.

 We ensure you feel at total peace with your protection.

Personal Property

Whether it's homeowners, auto, motorcycle, boat etc., we know how to properly protect you and your loved ones...

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Commercial Property

Whether you own a business, a commercial building, or need insurance for your business vehicles, we'll make sure you're properly protected...

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Life Insurance

Having the right life insurance protection for your loved ones is pivotal in planning for your future. Let's make sure your family is properly protected. 

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Ready to be properly protected? Our team at Benner Insurance Solutions can assess your current policy and help you find the best coverage at the best price. With just a click of a button, securely send your dec pages for a free consultation. 

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Our Insurance Carriers

We are proud to state we only work with A-rated carriers or better in the industry. All of our insurance carriers have been reviewed and assessed by AM Best. Founded in 1899, AM Best is the world’s largest credit rating agency specializing in the insurance industry. AM Best assigns credit ratings that assess an insurance company's creditworthiness and whether it can honor its financial obligations. Consumers, financial professionals, and investors all use AM Best's credit ratings to help them make informed decisions. We ensure our customers to have true peace of mind with their coverage.

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Our Values

Our Values

We are passionate about authentic service, education and integrity. We take great pride in offering genuine service to our customers, always placing ourselves in their shoes and consistently delivering answers to their questions. We are passionate about being experts in our industry, always studying, always learning.  Whatever our customers need from us, we find the accurate answers and respond to their requests always in a prompt manner. 

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